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Javier Gómez Noya was born in Basel Switzerland on March 25, 1983, but he lives in Spain since he was 3 months old.
He studied Engineering studies in Roads, Canals and Ports, but he had to left the studies due to his professional sport obligations and moved to Pontevedra. Currently is studying physical education (INEF).

When He is not training or racing, Javi likes to relax playing guitar and reading, Javi also enjoys surfing the waves near his place in Pontevedra.
Javi contributes with UNICEF through donations; He also collaborates with the University of Galicia to encourage young people to practice sport


Javi, always active and enjoying all sports, discovered the triathlon in 1998,. He made his debut in the Olympic triathlon at the age of 15. Javi's evolution in the triathlon was extremely rapid; he won practically all the triathlons in which he participated in his category and obtained high positions in the absolute category when he was still a juvenile. However, despite his fast progress in sports, he faced more than a few obstacles on his climb to the top. In December 1999, in a the medical services of the CSD detected a cardiac anomaly and his participation was prohibited in international competitions as part of the Spanish selection. His situation being known, and with the support of different cardiology specialists at the world level, he decided to fight to recover his international license and demonstrate

In November 2003, thanks to the intervention of a prestigious English physician, Javi finally recovered the license. Despite being out of condition and with only three weeks of training, he went to New Zealand and won the sub 23 world championship. This result brought Javi's sports career to a turning point. With the freedom to compete at the international level, he decided to attempt to enter the Olympic Games in Athens, He competed in his first European Championship (Valencia) and World Championships (Madeira) obtaining excellent 8th places in both. However, a controversial decision by the technical director of the Fetri, which Javi would never understand, excluded him from the Olympic Games, which was a great disappointment for him.

He began the 2005 season with hope,, however the CSD again removed his license "irrevocably," without anything having changed in his situation. At the beginning of the 2006 season, after several months of fighting and visiting more international cardiology specialists, Javi finally recovered his license in February 2006. winning 3 ITU World Cups in that year.

From there on Javi has accumulated one of the best records ever achieved, Javi is 3 times and current ITU World Champion, Olympic Silver Medallist in London 2012, three times ITU European Champion, X.-Terra World Champion, ITU Half distance European Champion, and 2 times Champion of the prestigious Hy-vee Triathlon among other results such us, 14 ITU World Cup and 6 World Series wins.
Especially, and most important, Javi still enjoys the triathlon and he is focus on achieving his challenging dream.of becoming Olympic Champion in Rio de Janeiro 2016.